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 +====== Kirk McLaren (avrperformance) - Public namespace ======
 +This namespace ''//user:avrperformance:*//'' and it's content (pages, images, ...) is public, but meant to be used for your own projects and as scratch space.
 +  * To create a page inside this private space, simply use the standard link syntax __without any namespace__ :
 +<code>[[example page 1]]
 +[[example 2|My example page 2]]</code>
 +  * To create a sub-namespace, simply indicate the new page's full position :
 +<code>[[user:avrperformance:<sub-namespace_to_create>:example 3]]</code>
 +Feel free to remove this paragraph (beside the title)...\\
 +Now, write something! :-D
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